Find an audiovisual producer confidence is the most important when working the image of a brand. This is only the first step, but this decision depends on the outcome.
We are dedicated to the realization of commercials and corporate,, sporting events, launches start-ups, tourism promotion videos and events. Besides, carry clips and shorts. We can undertake all if you're a producer who is filming in Barcelona.
BaikalPro is an audiovisual production company created in 2011 by Albert Manich and Gil Ventura. Director and cinematographer studied ESCAC. We have a team of audiovisual format with which we work continuously.
We are passionate about what we do and enjoy doing it. We are demanding and have experience.
The video is our habitat, and we want to show you what we can.

Albert Manich

Director and Producer

Santiago Moga

Director of photography

Juanma Martínez

Motion & FX Editor

Cristóbal Sarría Chitty


Estefanía López


Pol Matas

Drone operator

Gil Ventura

Cinematographer and Producer

Santi Molina

Director and Editor

Maria Codina

Director of Photography

Jhony Carvalho

Motion & FX Editor

Raimon Valls


Carles Prats - Angel Sound studio

Live sound and post-production

Jordi Torrent


Marta Micolau


Pau Morell


Miguel Galvan


Juan Cobo

Camera Operator - DoP

Àngel Lardín

Post Production Sound