The production of a spot contains multitude of aspects to consider, but if what we want is to increase the number of views ... ¡A Grabemos making of!

Dedicate a small budget item for making, It will cause us to generate more curiosity and proximity to the viewer. And that's exactly what we want.

Many times, video piece 'provisional the Scenes'Ends up having more impact than the principal spot or audiovisual piece. And here is where the factor REALITY.

In a making of no tricks. everything as shown and as is, no secrets. So that the viewer may feel a participant in the final result, without the 'deception' postproduction.

further, This type of content is especially attractive to 2 groups:

· Stakeholders in the audiovisual world: For those curious industry, witness the 'how was filmed' a video, It is an excellent example of practical knowledge.

· Fans: Followers of the actors / characters that appear in the spot will have an important interest in them to act naturally and know their real characters.

Then, I leave you with one of the making of latest we have done. We hope you like it!

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