Emotional marketing is the latest trend in advertising. Is about establish relations between company and consumer value, generating the second positive emotions and feelings toward the brand.

With the emotional marketing seeks to share feelings, experiences and passions with society, creating emotional ties that cause closeness and trust.

Then we leave 5 tips for effective emotional marketing:

  1. Definirnos: It is important to know who we are; not as employees of an enterprise, but as people. We must know what thrills us to thrill. It is essential to know and / or set values, deepen them and associate brand.
  1. Less is more: As you already know, less is more. Search a direct and simple message will be much more effective. Try to reach most of our target audience, so look for a common theme will broaden the range of people we can move.
  1. Creativity to power: Wrap the message in an original story will be the key to our success. The main objective surprise the viewer through a story that you a brand.
  1. Coherence: Use common sense is paramount. Pay special attention when not deliver a negative message to the product or service offered. The logic is an essential tool.
  1. Canal: We must know who headed (target) and through what means of communication will be more effective realize. Again, we must apply consumer psychology to obtain useful data to help us make decisions interesting.

Emotional marketing is the most effective way to build a strong and powerful message. We bring the consumer, what automatically change positively towards the brand vision.

Then we leave a spot of FCB Female, where team values ​​become the main base of the piece.

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